Writing With Confidence empowers aspiring writers to reach their writing goals.

Founder Annika Spalding, also an award-winning author, understands how lack of confidence and direction can impact the progress of a written piece of work. Sometimes the content is clear but the spelling and grammar are a challenge, or perhaps there is a feeling of overwhelm because committing to one idea is difficult.

Writing With Confidence promises to empower you to create a writing project you can be proud of.

Originally a Facebook group, Writing With Confidence has grown into a service which supports those who lack confidence and direction in their writing. Nobody spends time developing a piece of writing, only to be let down by spelling, grammar or inconsistencies. Not everybody has the discipline to write regularly or the know-how when it comes to editing.

Anybody can write, but to write well is a skill that must be exercised and crafted over time. 

For a high-level outcome, a high-level input is required, and you’ll get nothing less from Writing With Confidence.