Building Writing Confidence: Does anyone want to hear this?

When I set up Writing With Confidence, I moved from mostly writing what other people asked me to write to having to figure out for myself what I was going to write about and what I was going to share.

Even for an experienced writer like me, it was a little terrifying. I had all sorts of doubts.

  • Hasn’t this all been said before?
  • Doesn’t everybody already know these tips?
  • Why should people care about the way I do things?

I bet you’re having similar thoughts as you start or develop your new home-based business. But I bet you also look at what other people are saying about the topic and know that their approach didn’t work for you. Which means it probably doesn’t work for a good chunk of other people, either. After all, just because Marie Kondo is a best-selling author of books about decluttering doesn’t mean someone like Dana K White — with a very different approach — isn’t also a best-selling author of books about decluttering.

And I bet at least one of these statements is also true for you.

  • You’re the go-to person amongst your friends and family when they need advice and help on a particular topic.
  • You get enthusiastic comments when you post on social media about your latest craft project or how you solved a parenting issue or how you made sure packing for your recent vacation was stress free.
  • When you mention to people that you made a big change in your life — you went from couch potato to running a marathon or you conquered a mountain of credit card debt — they want to hear more.

In other words, there are people who will find it’s your unique approach that gives them their “lightbulb” moment  — that pushes them to get started, helps them get past the roadblocks they run into, and helps them achieve success.

So ignore that voice in your head that’s telling you no one wants to hear from you. Start writing and find your audience.

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