Proofreading is considered the final edit before a document is published. The focus is to correct any spelling or grammar errors, to ensure the content is consistent throughout. 

This does not include structural changes.

Cost: £4.50 per 1000 words, minimum of 10,000 words.


Editing is an intense look at your manuscript. The focus is to make major structural and content changes, to ensure the document is an excellent piece of writing.

Cost: £6.50 per 1000 words, minimum of 10,000

Writing Coaching

Explore your concept, create a plan, set your goals, work through your actions and be held accountable by an experienced Writing Coach. If you’ve been putting off writing a book because you feel unsure of how to move forward with it or how to make time to write, get in touch for a FREE 20 minute chat.

WWC’s coaching package is designed to give you a creativity, confidence and clarity boost over 12 weeks. The aim isn’t to handhold you throughout writing your book, but to provide you with enough tools, feedback and guidance so that you can move forward with confidence.

This coaching package includes 5 x 60 minute sessions via Skype or telephone, email and Whatsapp support between sessions, writing feedback and guidance, and more.

Cost: £300 payable in three monthly installments of £100.


Writing With Confidence delivers a wide range of workshops, from Creative Writing to Goal Setting and How to Write a Book.

Workshops can be created to suit your interests and delivered by an experienced facilitator, and highly qualified and experienced writer, Annika Spalding.

Cost: Available upon request.