My Tools

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I write most of my first drafts and edits in a specialised writing tool called Scrivener. Although it’s primarily aimed at people who are writing longer works, like novels, non-fiction books and academic papers, I find it very helpful even when I’m working on short pieces like blog posts.

I can organise related content in the same project and easily hop between drafts for related pieces of content  — such as a series of blog posts or email sequence — without having to switch to a different window or scroll up and down.

The writing interface is fairly minimalist, so there’s nothing getting between me and the words. I don’t want to be fighting with word processing software that’s decided to apply formatting in odd ways.

It’s also very very easy to transfer drafts into other tools, whether that’s Google Docs, my WordPress-based website or layout tools like Canva.

I use Google Docs to help me get my (edited) draft ready to post.

I use the spelling and grammar checker and the word and character counter in several steps in my proofreading process.

It’s very easy to share drafts with other people when I’m looking for feedback. I especially like the “suggestions” mode, which allows people to edit the text directly while showing me what they’ve changed, so I can decide whether to accept or reject those changes.

The search function in Google Docs is also great when I know I’ve written on a similar topic in the past and want to see what I said previously (and maybe re-use some content).

I don’t write my drafts in Google because it has a tendency to lag and waiting for the words I’ve just typed to show up on screen is distracting and interrupts my flow

Other tools

Other tools I use are Canva and Convertkit. (By the way, right now, Convertkit is offering a free Creator Mobile Wallpaper pack.) My website hosting and email are provided by Hostinger.

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