What’s your writer type — and why does it matter?

Our brains don’t all work in exactly the same way — thank goodness. You can see that in how people learn. Some prefer and learn most quickly through video, but others find audio best. A third group gets on fastest with written text, while a final group learns most effectively through doing.

It’s a similar situation when it comes to producing content as well as consuming it. Most people approach writing in one of a small number of fundamentally different ways. Like the learners described above, each group of writers does best when they’re using techniques and tools that work with their natural writer type.

And they’ll struggle with writing if they’re using approaches that don’t work for the kind of writer they are. (Even if they’re techniques that other writers swear by and which are taught in many writing courses.)

3 signs you’re using the wrong writing process

Here are some common signs that you’re trying to use a process designed for a different type of writer.

  • You feel you ought to do some (more) preparation before you start writing, but it feels like too much of a chore, so you keep putting it off — and never get around to writing a draft. 
  • You spend a long time staring at a blank screen, unsure where to start or what to write.
  • You don’t feel you can start writing until you’ve come up with a great opening or closing sentence or know the overall shape of the piece you want to write — but the perfect idea never arrives.

My workbook-based course, Beat the Blank Page, will help you figure out your writer type and how to use it to put together the perfect writing process for you — one that helps you write more quickly and easily. Across 9 modules, it will take you through every step of the writing process, explaining different approaches and techniques so you can find the ones that work best for you.

So if you struggle with writing and at least one of the scenarios above is familiar, check out my course and discover how to take the stress out of writing for your business. Click on the banner to find out more.

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