If instead, you’re willing to invest in your creativity, open yourself up to growth and developing your confidence in writing, perhaps even write the book you’ve always dreamed of, with guidance, then perhaps you need a writing coach.

When I wrote my first book, it didn’t occur to me that I couldn’t do it alone.

I had some online friends who wrote as well, but not really anyone who had taken an active interest in me or my writing goals. It was indeed a lonely habit, writing for myself, and though my partner at the time provided me with some encouragement, he didn’t really get it.

But who does? Writers do. Since publishing more books, speaking at events and networking with more people than ever before, I understand that so many have a story inside them. but they just do not know how to bring it out.

That’s where a Writing Coach comes in.

While there are many benefits to having someone who can work one-to-one with you on your writing goals, I’ve focused on the three main areas that would have appealed to me in my early writing days.

  • Accountability and encouragement

The amazing thing about having a coach of any kind is to have another person who is as passionate about you reaching your goals as you are. As a writing coach, I want my clients to feel the accomplishment of having written their first book, of holding a hard copy in their hands and feeling proud, because for a long time they didn’t think it was possible. As a coach, I make it seem possible, I guide you in planning steps that are achievable, encourage you to persevere on the days you want to give up, and help you find opportunities to further build your confidence in this area.

  • Being able to talk through your ideas

No idea is too big or too small, but sometimes it helps to talk it through with someone who has a creative vision. If you’ve had a consultation with me, you’ll know I’ll openly state that I have ideas for days, I just don’t want to write them all. I can help you pinpoint which ideas to focus on, how to turn it into a strong plot or plan for a book, blog or personal piece. Perhaps nobody else around you understands it, but I’ll help you to draw it out so that we can turn it into a physical creation.

  • Learn from their wisdom and experience

As a first time author, I made many mistakes that I learned from and would not do now. It’s not about being right the first time round, but about being effective, getting to where you want to be but also saving time while you do it. In all honesty, I didn’t have a plan once I had moved past publishing, I just knew I wanted to write a book and that’s about it. Now, when creating the next piece of work, I am more mindful of where it can lead and what can develop from it. I have a plan. And this is something I share with all my clients, just thinking about the bigger picture, because it doesn’t end with a book, that is only the beginning.

Ultimately, writing is an individual journey but it certainly doesn’t have to be. And that is the point of a writing coach, it shouldn’t feel like you are left alone with your ideas. I’m here to hear them, help you work through them and create a plan that you can follow, share tools, tips and advice to help you progress at a much faster rate than I ever did.

book-meDo you need a Writing Coach?

Whether you’re planning on writing a book, developing your blog or just want to build your confidence in your writing, get in touch with me for a free 20-minute consultation