Why is most writing advice bad (for you)?

If you’re struggling with getting content written for your home business, you’ve probably turned to the internet for advice.

There’s a lot of it out there. For example:

  • Write a set number of words (or something, at least) every day.
  • Have a dedicated place to write.
  • Get up early and write before breakfast.
  • Create an outline before you start writing.
  • Spend enough time in your chair and the words will come.

You know what? I’ve been a professional writer for 30 years, getting paid for my writing. And, most of the time, I didn’t do any of those things. But I still regularly came up with the words that needed to get written, quickly enough to meet the demands of my clients. The same applies today, now my own business is the client.

Why should you ignore most writing advice?

One of the reasons so much writing advice is bad for people like you, running your own businesses, is that much of it is aimed at creative writers who are trying to write fiction or poetry. Some of the skills are the same, but not all of them, and the rhythm and pace is quite different.

The other reason that a lot of writing advice is bad for you (and a lot of other people) is that it’s  based on what worked for that one particular writer. They’re certain that, because it works for them, it’s the “right” way — the only way — and will work for everyone. But people’s brains don’t all work in the same way. 

I’ve worked with colleagues whose writing process is very different to mine. For example, they always start by writing outlines. My attempts at outlines immediately start turning into full drafts. Or they’ll get an assignment and immediately sit in their chair and write and re-write (and re-write and re-write) until they’ve got the right result by brute force. I’ll get the same content written in an hour, with minimal rewrites — but only if you’ve let me have two or three days between handing me the assignment and expecting it to be done.

What’s the one piece of writing advice that always works?

My writing advice? The trick to writing quickly and easily is to work out what works for YOU. Ignore most of the writing advice you’re giving and run with the parts that work with the way you think and the way you live your life.

My workbook, Beat the Blank Page, will help you discover what type of writer you are and identify the processes, tools and tips you should be using to make writing for your business faster and easier, with less stress. 

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